Tracking “Her”. Day 2.

I know this is two entries in one day; but I don’t think I’ll have time to put up this one tomorrow. If you don’t know what Tracking “Her” is, there’s a brief explanation in Tracking “Her”. Day 1. This is the second entry. So I hope ye like it =) Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, and Tracking “Her”. Day 3 will be up very shortly, so stay tuned. Kind regards (as always), your host Aisling! =P x

Was she lazy? Or did she just enjoy sleeping far too much for her own good? One thing she did know; she slept in on any opportunity that she got. However, sleeping in on an important date did nothing but terrify the shit out of her. The odd time that that did happen, she would immediately get a huge lump of worry in the pit of her stomach, she would spring from bed, throw on her clothes, and bring her bushy-haired, un-groomed and, most probably, unclean self to wherever it was she was meant to be going as quickly as her two thick meaty legs could carry her. And when she did arrive, and she discovered that she really didn’t miss anything interesting, that lump of worry would sink and dissolve into nothingness again, and she could once again relax. Even though she did like sleep though, she also really enjoyed getting up early in the mornings so she would have plenty of time to “put her face on”, and have breakfast. One thing she really hated was getting up just in time to grab a stale piece of rye-bread or something before practically jogging to school; and let me tell you, she looked an awful sight trying to jog. This particular day in general actually; she was running late. She plodded quickly down the leafy pathway, the soles of her feet stinging with each heavy and forceful footstep she took. She had very unfortunate feet; the poor girl. It wasn’t that they were too big, they were average sized in “big-ness”, they were just very wide, and they were flat; and that meant that she plodded along rather than walked anywhere. Today was no different. She soon arrived at her destination and carried out her day to day tasks as she normally would, before finishing up and taking the preferred leisurely walk back home; where she would, no doubt, slip into her fluffy slippers and help herself to some buttery toast, right before snuggling up into bed…

Stay tuned for Tracking “Her” Day 3… Regards, Aisling x


Tracking “Her”. Day 1.

Hey there guys; I’m starting a new daily blog entry called Tracking “Her” I’m not sure how long it will go on for yet, but it WILL be daily! This is Day 1, entry number one. You will have to read it to know what it’s about. Thank you guys, and enjoy! 🙂

She didn’t know what it was; some days she liked herself, some days she didn’t. Whenever she made some sort of nonsensical joke, or laughed inappropriately, or even whenever she laughed too loudly, or she was the only one laughing; all of these things made her feel…different. It was ok with certain types of people, of course. People who had known her for a long, long time and were used to her abnormalities. But with certain people, with certain stereotypically “normal” people, she felt somewhat self-conscious; not only of the fact she might “weird them out” at any second, but also of the fact that they might start thinking that she really was quite fat and ugly. She had always been above the average weight. But as she reached womanhood, her voluptuous figure remained where it was. She had grown to get used to it. She had tried dieting, of course, but sure she couldn’t stick to anything at all and would crave a fizzy drink a week in; so, for the minute, she decided to remain contently being a “plus size” figure. Not that she was in that bad health, anyway. Well, she did smoke too. But it wasn’t like she had the worst record, or anything like that. She did exercise a few days a week, mostly, and she never did drugs, or anything like that, or she didn’t drink much; so in that respect, she really wasn’t living a detrimentally unhealthy lifestyle…

Tracking “Her” Day 2 is next… x