Writers Global Is A SCAM ARTIST

This is just a quick blog to warn you all from making the same mistakes I did.  For the past month I wasted my time working for someone under the Skype name Writers Global.  I found this user through http://www.odesk.com.  They had several postings for article writing jobs such as this one https://www.odesk.com/jobs/Full-Time-Writers-Needed_~01fd26d869440e8187?search_result=1 Needless to say all of the user’s advertisements through oDesk are identical.  The scam artist goes under the name of Jessica Ray and claims she is from New York, United States. When you send an application to her through oDesk, she will respond with a rude “ADD ME ON SKYPE” whilst ignoring everything else you’ve said to her.  Once you add her on Skype she’ll feed you this nonsense about how she’s currently making payments through paypal rather than oDesk because “oDesk has trouble accepting new Paypal accounts”.

She will not employ you through a contract via oDesk.  You will also notice that her payment methods are all unverified.

Essentially I spent a month writing and researching FIFTY ARTICLES for this scumbag all to be blocked and not paid a dime.  I should have earned 240 euro but I will now receive nothing.  This scam artist is tricking people all around the world and submitting OUR WORK under THEIR NAMES for money.

If you have already accepted Writers Global via Skype, BLOCK THEM IMMEDIATELY BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. Please, learn from my mistakes! If you’ve already begun writing for them, BLOCK THEM NOW BEFORE YOU WRITE ANY MORE.

Needless to say, a scam artist will probably be inclined to pose under a few different identities, so I’ve made a quick list for you to know a scam artist straightaway. If only I had known this all along:

1. Through oDesk, don’t ever go near a job posting that doesn’t have a verified payment method.

2. If they tell you you’re employed but don’t begin the contract through oDesk, don’t trust them. Just end it there before it goes any further.

3. NEVER TRUST someone under the name of Jessica Ray / Writers Global

4. If they claim they’re not paying you through oDesk but through a different means, do not trust them. This is most certainly a SCAM.

5. Above all else, use your common sense. Don’t trust job postings that have unrealistic payment methods. If the client is rude to you, they’re most likely a scam artist. A vicious personality normally goes alongside vicious intentions. The scam artist who fooled me was often rude and unkind through our messages.

It is sickening that I spent so long writing and researching for this bastard. Please realise though that if you follow these guidelines you won’t get scammed via oDesk. One more point – always choose HOURLY contracts in preference of FIXED. oDesk guarentees payment if you work an hourly contract to a verified payment method.

BEWARE OF WRITERSGLOBAL. Together maybe we can put an end to this bastard for good.

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